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More Than Relaxation!

More and more, massage therapy is about achieving a better quality of life by rehabilitating the problem areas holding you back. Today, nearly half of all massages are performed to address specific health and injury needs.

Let's work together! I can help you to achieve a better quality of life through massage therapy!

What can you expect?

Prior to your session a Q&A and variety of assessments will help determine the areas you need addressed.

Assessments may include palpating (examining by touch) the area of your pain, assessing your posture and range of motion. If we are performing a Neurokinetic Therapy session, assessments will be part of the session.

The time we spend assessing your situation will not cut into your massage time, nor will you be charged for it. I do this to ensure your full session is put to the most effective use!

Therapeutic massage services tailored to your individual needs